1. We believe that the foremost principles and ordinances of the Willow Hall Ranger are:
    1. First, a belief that the ranger way of life is the noblest calling in the lands;
    2. Second, a strong commitment to keep the lands clean and safe for all;
    3. Third, true faith and obedience to the laws and officers of Willow Hall.  
  2. We believe that through our combined and unwavering efforts all adventurers may reach their highest potential knowing they have a Ranger to help them in times of need.
  3. We believe that all people have the right to freely roam the lands.
  4. We believe that any group invading the lands and endangering the lives of others is in direct violation of the third directive, and the Rangers of Willow Hall are sworn to defend such invasions by being the FIRST IN and LAST OUT!
  5. We claim the privilege to form our own government. Officers in that government have the privilege to govern Willow Hall as they see fit; to add, change, or clarify any directives, as much as it is fair and is in the betterment of everyone.