Roles of Office


  • Oversees all operations of the House
  • Responsible for replying to all House mail, postings, or forwarding them to the appropriate officer or Member
  • Calls all meetings to be held
  • Has the power to veto any law passed by Parliament; this veto may be overturned by the unanimous decision of the other house officers
  • Has the power to override a judgment imposed by the Judges; this action may be overturned by the unanimous decision of the other house officers
  • Involved in all decision making of the House
  • Approves any programs or activities
  • Can appoint a Member to office in the case of a vacancy
  • Has the final say in any matter concerning the house

Co-Chairman (President of Parliament)

  • Acts as Chairman if the Chairman is unavailable
  • Responsible for creating and revising laws as needed
  • Consults Judges if a Member is in violation of laws
  • Works with 2 Parliament Members on amendments/bills and get them to voting status
  • Corresponds with Parliament Members

President of Judges

  • Acts as Chairman if the Chairman and Co-chairman are unavailable
  • Responsible for settling disputes between Members
  • Declares punishments with the aid of Judges for any Member violating our directives, oath and bylaws
  • Conducts interviews for prospective Members of the House with Judges
  • Administers oath after Chairman approval of new Member


  • Is appointed by the presidency
  • Responsible for the collection of all moneys gained through dues, donations, fines, fund-raisers etc.
  • Works with Secretary to ensure all Members are keeping up with dues
  • Maintains an accurate and detailed record of where all moneys are from
  • Notifies Judges of all Members who do not pay dues


  • Acts as treasurer when the treasurer is absent
  • Assists treasurer in all his duties


  • Maintains an accurate and up to date record of all Members, including name, level, e-scroll address and office
  • Takes a log of all meetings
  • Sends meeting minutes to all Officers after each meeting
  • Notifies Judges of Members and Officers not following attendance policies


  • Acts as Secretary when the Secretary is absent
  • Assists Secretary in all his duties


  • Makes suggestions for improvements to existing laws
  • Makes suggestions for laws as needed
  • Works with President of Parliament in all revisions
  • Observes all Members at all times to ensure all are upholding the house beliefs and laws


  • Assists President of Judges in judging any Member who is in violation of house laws
  • Assists interviewing of all potential Members