Membership Requirements

  1. Any prospective Member must meet a minimum level of 5 trainings to be considered an official Member.
  2. Any prospective Member must pay an initiation fee of 25,000 silver. This will become due at the induction ceremony held at Moot Hall, and is payable in silver only (no notes).
  3. Any prospective Member must participate in an interview by an interview committee. Upon ruling of this committee the participant will be eligible for official Membership.
  4. Any prospective Member must say the Willow Hall Oath during a meeting (to be logged and recorded), to be given by any member of the presidency, and accepted into the hall by Officers and Members alike.
  5. Upon completion of all of the previous, the prospective Member has become official and shall enjoy the benefits and privileges of any other Member.
  6. These requirements may be waived or amended on the recommendation of the Judges, save for the initiation fee, which is required by Elanthian law, and the interview process.

Joining Process

  1. Send in the survey, located at the bottom of this document. This will let us enter a few pertinent facts about you in our rolls. Your e-mail address will not be distributed except to the Hall staff.
  2. Attend some meetings. This way we can watch you, to see how well we will get along, and you can watch us, to see if you really want to get involved with the Ranger way, as practiced by Willow Hall's members.
  3. Request an interview. After a few meetings, contact the Inquisitor or one of our judges to arrange for an interview. They will meet with you for a face-to-face talk and determine whether you will go on to the fourth step. Here's a suggestion: Be very familiar with the contents of the Willow Hall Member's Handbook.
  4. The final step. Your name will be submitted to our who, along with the other officers, will make the final determination of your (and our) compatibility. Following this, your name will be announced to the Membership as an Active member and you will be inducted into the Hall.

New Member Survey

  1. Full Name:
  2. Profession:
  3. Level:
  4. Race:
  5. Non-ranger skills you have (delete others): Locks Scrolls Wands
  6. Societies (optional - delete other): Voln Council of Light Guardians of Sunfist
  7. What skills would you like to develop?
  8. What activities would you participate in?
  9. What would you like Willow Hall to do for you?
  10. What can you do to help Willow Hall?
  11. Any additional comments?