These Members and former Members were with the Hall before the application was made to become an official House. They have given unstintingly of their time, expertise, and coin to make the Hall what it is today. This plaque is dedicated to them and their hard work.

Special thanks to Tunder Bloodstoe, the man who started it all from scratch. Without whom there would be no Willow Hall today.

Special thanks to Alexys McCleary, the woman that took his dreams and led Willow Hall to become the Official House that it is today. Without her efforts and time, we'd still be a wandering Clan with only the vastness of nature to call our Home.

Special thanks to Sir Lord Zanteal Magintair, the original builder of the site that housed our archives.

Adit Leaden Aelfgon Nardonex Aleanna
Alexys McCleary Amberic Hobblin Arklow Gweebara
Barthock Beregrin Phaetos Beryl Tavenner-Clanner
Cassilde Ardais Connour DuLoch Daphnine Siourez
Darrean Davel Earthson Dewtey K'aalz
Dreesen Drylnn Caderce Elderwin Durindell
Elsindar Riccard Emzahn Malsburnt Erkseea Spugeon
Faegil Clanner Feerliss Braveheart Formel Eeckm
Genysis deWonder Githlander Crimsonbrow Gwydionne Moonscrye-Eagleblood
Heartsap Oakminder Henklinn Froele HiSoarer Eagleblood
Jaemus B'wling Kahllan Katanas LaScribe
Kattiuskha Ursanstis Kenshi Yakamula Klbraen TelRana
Kyera Kilmarrin-Duloch Mailstrong von Wulfling Malodius Metalstone
Mixtel Critchell Mycetozan Moldslime Namarie Airetario
Nicadex Stormbind Oakendel Forbaden Obreron Blazenlord
Orgavin Mythdrannon Padissar Krele Pearsall Steart
Radhruin Ancalimen Ramladu Stormcheck Rasti Faerian
Rhonen Hessieran Riland Calstar Rlar Rnor
Saaz von Pfautz Savorna Senaca Tangrid
Serigaan Elderwoode Sinivar Natroth Sylverfoxx Alexxie
Thorin Silverhammer Traknor Kalquenth Tunder Bloodstoe
Veska Treamon Vixxon Qaid Vrell Meadowfalk
Windrake Longdale Wisteriaa VonMysst Zanteal Magintair